Logo Business 24x7 TVBusiness 24X7 TV is a female owned and female headed concern.

Business 24X7 strongly believes in positive discrimination in favour of women and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Business 24X7 strongly believes in equal opportunities for advancement for all.

Business 24X7 believes in achieving the Highest Quality Standards At Work and Work-Life Integration and is totally committed to offering flexible hours, job sharing, tele-commuting etc. in the interests of offering employees the choice of designing their lives in the way they find most satisfactory and productive.

Business 24×7 respects academic degrees but values practical skills,experience and positive work attitudes and habits more. We welcome freshers and the self-taught as long as they can demonstrate the requisite skills.

Business 24×7 also believes in offering second chances. We welcome people returning to the work-space after career breaks.

As of now Business 24×7 is looking for the following:

1.) 7 interns for its social media team.

2) 6 interns for its video editing team.

3.) Business Development Associates for its sales team.

Interested candidates please mail your name, contact details and CVs to careers@business24x7.tv